Dogs In The Military

The military has been using dogs for as long as there has been war for everything from mine detection to communication to pure force when attacking the enemy. The Romans even had entire attack formations composed of specially trained dogs, most likely Canis Molossus, which actually originated in Greece. In the United States, the first […]

A Team For America

Football is so much more than a game to us. And never before was there a game as important as the one played by the two service academies, Army and Navy, in December of 1944. Randy Roberts, a distinguished professor of history at Purdue University, tells the amazing story of one game-one army-navy football game […]

Different Types of Army Equipment Covers

As you can imagine, the army requires the use of a large variety of custom covers for their equipment and machinery. Whether it’s for military bases across the country or our stations overseas, army equipment covers are needed to protect this sensitive machinery from the elements of nature. Military aircraft and weaponry should be not […]

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