Drain The Water From Your Cooler, or Keep It

Drain The Water From Your Cooler, or Keep It?

There are some age-old questions in this world: what does it mean to be good, who created the Universe, should one drain or retain the water in an coolers on wheels?.. Some of those questions don’t have an answer at all. But luckily, we can try and answer at least the third one! Some of you may have heard that leaving the water in your cooler as the ice melts is good, some of you – that it’s bad. So, the question is to drain or not to drain?

To Drain

There are several advantages of draining the water from the cooler. The most important questions here are: how much ice do you have for a cooler to stay cool (pun intended) and what are you carrying in your cooler? For example, you can put inside your cooler things like bread or cheese. They feel bad in the water, but will be perfectly fine in the ice. Also, the weight of the cooler will be less if you drain all the water from it. It is especially important if you carrying a cooler in your arms or on your back. If you have enough ice with you to refill a cooler during the party or a trip and don’t have to worry about your food and beverages to stay cool, drain the water freely. Ice melts faster in the water, so when it is time for a refill, drain the water and fill your cooler with fresh ice. However, if you’re going on a trip without a ton of ice, you might consider keeping the water.

Not To Drain

If you’re keeping the water, you’ll definitely keep your food and beverages cool longer. As long as there’s still ice in the water, the contents will stay as cold as the water. When you’re keeping the water inside you prevent the warm air to seek into your cooler and start to melt the rest of the ice. So a cooler with both water and ice inside is better for those who seek a low temperature for a long time (like road trips). But in this case, it is important to really seal your food containers. You don’t want any meat or something else to spoil your entire cooler, right? If you’re extremely worried about fast ice melting, use ice blocks instead of cubes. You may even freeze the entire lay of ice in the bottom of your cooler – just to be sure. Another important advice – keep a cooler closed as long as it possible, don’t let that warm air destroy your ice.


The answer to our dilemma depends on your goal: do you intend to keep the ice or do you intend to keep the lower temperature inside the cooler? If it is all about ice, then drain the water every day. If you wish to keep your food or beverages cool a bit longer, then leave the water inside. Good luck!

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